Mei Li - A Purse For Every Woman

Mei Li - A Purse For Every Woman

Mei Li - A Purse For Every Woman

A purse is arguably the single most accessory that women all have in common — most women carry one (and men alike) for its functional purpose of keeping necessities all in one place for easy accessibility. Purses have also doubled as a fashion accessory to show off a woman’s personal style, and when you get a glimpse into the inner workings of a woman's purse the secrets of the universe will likely be unlocked!

At Mei Li, We’ve crafted a collection of purses for every woman — young, old, fat, thin, all abilities, and all ethnicities — we have a purse that will speak to your unique style. In today’s post, we’ll navigate how Mei Li offers luxury purses for every woman at an unbelievable price point.

Behind Mei Li

Mei Li crafts beautiful handbags in the stylings of crossbodies and luxury totes to all women and for all women. We want to support and lift all women up so they can tell their truths and their stories — sparked from a simple handbag. It is in our journey that we empower women to be their best both physically and emotionally and that the handbag compliments this notion. Oftentimes, companies sell purses that sell a brand or market it to make you believe that is where your identity rests, but at Mei Li, the world needs more individuals telling their stories.

A Purse For Every Woman

However you identify, Mei Li has a handbag or tote for you that will fit the narrative of your story.

A Woman On-The-Go

If you’re a woman-on-the-go — however you travel — from board meetings and professional lunches to exotic destinations holed up in a hostel living as a digital nomad, Mei Li is your purse of choice. Our bags are simple and classy and can be dressed up for work or paired with a casual look to go out to brunch.

The perfect Mei Li bag for the woman-on-the-go would be the Min Crossbody or Lian Medium Tote. The crossbody has an adjustable strap to sling your purse over to conquer the day. If your calendar is full of errands that having you moving from one side of the city to the other, let the Min accompany you. You’ll never have to choose between just your wallet or a large tote, as the Min allows you to get organized while carrying your full-sized wallet and purse essentials such as sunglasses, keys, and a small cosmetic bag.

If you need additional space to carry a water bottle or tablet, the Lian renders more space with easy-to-carry handles to get you through your busiest days.

A Mother On-The-Go

A mother on-the-go is a bit redundant because that is likely what you’re already doing. Between carpooling the kids to activities to finding time to go to the grocery store and pick up your pooch from the vet, you’re always moving. Either the Lian or Lily totes would mesh perfectly into your crazy, kid-filled days. Pack snacks (or wine boxes) and fill it to the brim with all the kid-friendly toys and games you can. Our totes are like a Mary Poppins bag — it’s bottomless and you can always find the right them thing for your kids at the right time!

If you have a little one still in diapers, finding a stylish bag that is posh and doesn’t scream “I’m a worn out and tired mother,” is like finding a hidden gem — they exist but they’re very, very hard to find. The Lily can accommodate the diaper bag essentials of diapers, bottles, and travel wipes, not to mention the items that you need! It’s spacious and elegant keeping your identity under wraps!

And Everything In-Between!

Our bags can hold space for every type of lifestyle. If you’re an athlete, the Lily is a great gym bag. It can hold your pre- and post workout supplements, water bottle, and gym clothes — it’s the best in athleisure wear! Take it to the gym and then meet your friends for drinks after a workout.

Perhaps you’re a person who knits! The Min will perfectly contain yarn and needles for on-the-go knitting for an impromptu yard bombing of the local bus station!

Are you a student? Carry your school day in one of our totes. You can pack notebooks, writing utensils, and laptops all in one place to help organize your day. You’ll even find room for a water bottle and lunch, to re-charge and fuel your brain.

No matter what your daily activities look like — from an on-the-go professional or bust mom to an athlete or knitting enthusiast — Mei Li wants to help you tell your story through a simply accessory as our purse!

To shop our collection and find the perfect purse to fit your lifestyle and to tell your story, connect with Mei Li today!

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